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Children Ministry Vision

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BayLife Children and Youth Ministry is a loving and lively environment where children and youths learn to know God, love God and serve God, through biblically sound teaching.

LOVING: It means relationship building, teachers caring for students, and praying for student. Yet, it also includes proper boundaries setting and disciplines when necessary (non-physical disciplines such as timeout).

LIVELY: It includes fun and age appropriate and engaging activities that help kids and youths learn.

KNOW GOD: Know who God is; how He is like; how He wants us to live and accept Jesus as Lord and Savior.

LOVE GOD: Do God's will, obey God, walk in His way, and to develop godly characters

SERVE GOD: Serve God and people, help them with their needs, care for their souls

To accomplish this vision, we first love them as God would love them. Then, we help them understand God’s truth from the Bible. We show them what it means to trust and follow Jesus Christ. However, we are careful
not to manipulate their decisions of faith. We always practice a well-balanced approach of grace and truth — loving them as God’s precious ones and teaching them to obey biblical truths.